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On Ableton Live 11

A comprehensive 101 electronic music production course that covers concepts of audio engineering, recording, music theory, sample selection, arrangement, mixing, tuning, and mastering music. 

Including the use of creative audio, midi effects and using advanced VSTs, and Analog synthesizers to make some awesome sounds. 


At the same time, we will focus on developing practices that make the process of music-making fast, fun, and creative for you. And as we run a Music Studio you'll get an in-depth experience on how we produce records for our clients.

The course offers a mix of online (Zoom & HQ Audio) and offline lectures.

What our Students have to say👇🏼

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Mohor, Canada

Gaurav, India

Anshuman, India

"Satyam is an excellent teacher who has a deep understanding of music production, sound design and different tools and DAWs. He is able to breakdown technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand even for novice musicians. Learning music production from him was an enjoyable experience and I have seen a remarkable improvement in the quality of my production and mixes.."
“I wanted to tell people about how I learned Ableton Pro from him, and how he possesses the industry's best equipment. His knowledge is vast, and he has a nurturing nature like a mentor. He is always ready to guide and help, promptly solving any music-related problems. Even after completing the course, I haven't stopped feeling the positive impact he made. Having him as a Music mentor feels like a blessing, and he is truly a gem of a person."
Satyam is a creatively intelligent producer and a good teacher. I have learnt nearly all the mixing i know, from him. 

He is open to discussion and maintains a congenial atmosphere throughout sessions. You can learn a lot from him, including deep understanding of human-DAW interaction."















24 structured lessons will be taught in this course which shall give you a full understanding of Music Production, Recording, Tuning, Mixing and Mastering a track.


Introduction to Music Production 

  • What is Electronic Music Production?

  • Equipment you need to start.

  • What is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?

  • Introduction to Ableton Live 11.

  • Understanding signal flow of a studio.

  • Interface and Preference in Ableton. 

  • Understanding file structure and ways to save sessions.


Sound Theory & Acoustics 2

  • Types of Waves? Timer and characteristics of sounds. 

  • 3 main parts of human ear, Fletcher Munson Curve. 

  • Absorption, reflection, diffusion, diffraction and Phase in sound. 

  • Fundamentals and overtones in frequency domain.

  • Cabels and Connections (basic)

  • Type of Input in a soundcard?


Audio Effects Processing

  • What is an EQ? Type of EQ, How and where to use it. 

  • What is a Compressor? Types of Compression? 

  • Sidechain Compressor/ Sidegating/ Parallell Compression.

  • Audio Effects in Ableton Live 

  • TIme based effects like Reverb, Delay, Echo etc. 

  • Auto Filter, Drums Buss, Redux and other cool effects. 

  • Make a song using 5 tracks with what we’ve learn so far.


Midi Effects & Automations

  • Using MIDI Effects

  • Arpeggiator | Chord | Scale

  • Keyboard Mapping | MIDI Controller Mapping | Instant Mapping

  • Automation Envelopes

  • Recording Real-Time Automation

  • Drawing Automation Manually

  • Automating Clips in Session View

  • Unlinking Clip Length and Automation Length

  • Keyboard Mapping | MIDI Controller Mapping | Instant Mapping

  • Create an interesting ARP pattern and add automations to it.


Remixing and Sampling Music

  • Finding the BPM using Tap Button.

  • Find out the Key of any song by ear, tuner or Auto Key(3rd Party). 

  • Power of Warping (Quantising Audio) | Warping Modes | Transient Markers and Warp Markers

  • Make any off timed audio, meme or dialogue sync with your BPM using warping. 

  • Exporting/Bouncing Audio from Arrangement and Session View

  • Freeze and Flatten Tracks

  • Warp an old song from scratch and synth it with your own drums.


Session View in Ableton Live

  • Launch Modes of Clips

  • Follow Actions in Detail

  • Making a Break-beat Using Follow Actions

  • Randomization and use of session view to create clevel ideas. 

  • Follow tempo functionality.

  • Production review session


Fundaments of Mixing - 2

  • Why & When to use EQ and Compression. 

  • EQ in detail | Types of EQ | Different EQ modes 

  • Compression in detail | Types of Compressors

  • Multi-Band Compressor | Multi-Band EQ/ Dynamic | Difference btw both

  • Discuss various types of plugins in the market. 

  • Drums Processing using ibuilt and Decap’s Knock and Parellel Compression/ Tape Saturation


Fundaments of Mastering - 2

  • Transient Enahancement. 

  • How to test, refer and finalise your masters.

  • LUFS Meter | VU Meter 

  • What levels to follow for major streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Wync etc. 

  • Continue to Master another good sounding mix to demonstrate the things above.


Sound Theory & Acoustics

  • What is Sound? How it propagates through different mediums? 

  • Measure frequencies and amptitude. 

  • What is a soundcard? 2 Main Parts of a Sound Card.

  • Input Types | Phantom Power | Phase | Polar Patterns

  • Signal to Noise Ratio | Mic positions and distance. 

  • Niquist Theoram (sample rate and bit depth)

  • What is a Preamp? External and internal preamps.


Recording Audio

  • Input monitoring in Ableton Live 

  • Setup inputs and outputs in preferences. 

  • What is buffer size? How does it help in curing latency. 

  • Punch in Punch Out recordings

  • Setting the right gain for your recording. 

  • Types of microphones | Diaphragm | Famous Examples. 

  • Need of a pop filter | Proximity effect | Vocal Fundamental Frequency


Digital and Analog Synths

  • Type of instruments in Ableton Live. Synths & Samplers.

  • Sounds and Drum Presets, Midi Sequences and one shot samples. 

  • Connect external analog synths with Ableton Live.

  • 3rd Party Synthesizer and Anlong Synths you can learn and implement. 

  • Demonstration of our Prophet Rev 2 Analog Synthesizer.


Genres Song Structure and Sample Selection

  • What is a Genre? Types of Genres currently in the industry.

  • How to arrange and structure songs. (Chorus, Verse, Bridge, Build ups, Hooks and BreakDowns)

  • One shot Sample selection while making drums.

  • Presets or Sound Selection and crucial tricks to develop. 

  • Using automation and leveling in our arrangements. 

  • Clever tricks and tips to make song arrangements, add our unique vocal and sound fx. (based on different genres) 

  • A demonstration of sample selection for drums and other instruments.


Sampling in Ableton live Using Samplers

  • Live’s Software Instruments (Samplers)

  • Impulse and Drum Rack in Detail

  • Parellel and Series Fx | Chock Samples in Drum Rrack

  • Simpler And Sampler in Detail

  • Make an instrument using any audio sound.


Performing with Ableton Live

  • Make an Ableton set for live performance

  • Optimize your Ableton session. 

  • Using Dummy Clips to manage your live set

  • Max for Live Instruments, Midi & Audio effects

  • Creative Essentials | Packs 

  • Introduction to Ableton Push 2 

  • How to make a track from scratch using Push 2

  • Connect an Analog synth with your Ableton set. 

  • Demonstrating Push 2 and its functionalities.


Fundaments of Mixing - 3

  • Reverb | Delay | Chorus | Phaser 

  • Parallel or Series FX 

  • Advance FX mixing techniques 

  • Automations with Return Tracks

  • Using 3rd Party plugins like Soothe 2 and iZotope Insight

  • Finalising the Mix 

  • Setting a correct Headroom for Mastering

  • Introduction to Mastering


Make a Hip-Hop/ Trap/ Synthwave Song in Ableton Live

  • Make Creative drums

  • FX and Fills needed. 

  • Arrangement Tips

  • Sample Selection

  • Mixing and Mastering Plugins 

  • Character adding plugins like MO-TT, AutoTune. MetaTune, Alterboy and much more...


MIDI in Ableton Live

  • What is MIDI? How to setup for MIDI Recording?

  • Make beats and sounds using MIDI Step Sequencer.

  • Understanding Grids | Legato | Velocity

  • How to quantize and add grooves in MIDI. 

  • Connect a MIDI controller in Ableton Live. 

  • Setting Metronome and Time Signature. 

  • Make a beat from scratch.


Ableton More In Depth

  • Session and Arrangement View. | Scenes

  • Send and Returns | Parallel vs Series Fx

  • Record Arm | Solo | Hot Swap

  • Ableton Live’s Mixer 

  • Setting Tempo | Working in Loops | Setting bar length

  • Duplicate | Reverse Midi | Fade and Audio Clips.


Music Theory

  • What is Melody, Harmony and Rhythmn. 

  • Introduction to Major, Minor, Augments, Suspended Chords/Traids.

  • Chord Progressions and Rhtymn sequences for different music genres.

  • Make interesting melodies. 

  • Chord Inversions and Chord Voicing. Hamonising 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11ths etc.

  • Make an interestive chord loop, refine it and use sounds presets on it.


Vocal Recording and Production

  • Recording Vocals efficiently, Gain staging/ levelling vocals. 

  • Proximity Effect | Need of a Pop Filter 

  • Breif into on Stereo Micing Techniques | Double Tracking 

  • Various practices to follow as a vocalist, engineer and producer. 

  • How to produce and guide a singer to deliver good sounding vocals.

  • Vocal Fx and Mixing techniques. (3rd Party Plugins)

  • Vocoders in Detail. | What is a TalkBox

  • Introduction to Auto-Tune & Melodyne. 

  • Gain Stage,Tune and mix vocals using EQ, Compression, Limiter and blend it with rest of the instruments (Silk Road Studios Vocal Chain)


Effects in Ableton Live

  • FX Racks | Nested Racks | Drum Racks

  • Effects in Series and Parallel

  • Instrument Racks | Using Macros | Choking Samples

  • Key-Zone Editor and Velocity-Zone Editor

  • I/O, Sends and Returns Inside the Drum Rack

  • Demonstrate AutoFilter, Redux, Pitch Hack, Corpus, Drum Buss, Echo, etc.


Fundaments of Mixing - 1

  • Colour coding | Grouping | Management 

  • Fades | Editing | Cleaning

  • Gain Staging/ Levelling | Maintaining Headroom

  • Set the right Monitoring | What levels to mix on? 

  • Studio Monitor setup/ Positioning | Why do we need room acoustics?

  • Importance of levelin gand setting Priority of Instrumentation when it comes to mixing.


Fundaments of Mastering

  • What is mastering? What all you need to know about mastering.

  • Importance of Sequence of plugins, what comes first what comes after. 

  • Mono Stereo Compability | Stereo Width | Adding Punch

  • Use of a Limiter and Clipper in Mastering.

  • Inbuilt and 3rd Party Plugins you can use to Master.

  • Master a good sounding mix to demonstrate


Final Project Review & Course Wrap-up

  • Overview 

  • What all we learnt 

  • What practices to follow to continue from here.

  • What else can we learn?

  • Resources we recomment for self learning.

  • Mix and Master Reviews. 



Ableton Certfied Trainer_Tag.png

Satyam Sangwan is an Ableton Certified Trainer and a Music Producer from New Delhi. Owner of Silk Road Studios, which is a friendly music production studio where he offers services and mentorship in the area of music and visual composition, production, engineering and education.

Ripple Drift is the creative alias of IDM producer, sound engineer and educator, Satyam Sangwan. Knowing the ins and outs of Live, Satyam actively produces and engineers artists, jams on analog synths, and mentors students.

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